We don't recommend stabilisers for new learners

When you learnt to ride a bike, you probably started off with stabilisers, also known as training wheels. 

However, over the past few decades views have changed, and most bike experts now recommend starting your children off on balance bikes. These are bikes without pedals and without stabilisers, which children can push along with their feet. Once they have got used to getting around on two wheels, they can then progress directly to pedal bikes without ever using stabilisers.


This is because the most difficult part of learning to ride a bike is learning to balance properly. Stabilisers do not help children learn this. They do introduce children to pedalling, but this is not something that most children find difficult.

Children who start on balance bikes are generally able to progress to pedal bikes much earlier than children who start with stabilisers.

We offer three balance bikes:

Adding stabilisers to your order

However, we understand that sometimes it might be more appropriate to use stabilisers, especially if that is what your child is used to. The following bikes fit stabilisers:

Stabilisers can be ordered at our website:

If you order stabilisers, they will be dispatched separately to your bike and may arrive a few days before your chosen delivery day. 

If you need help fitting them once they arrive, hopefully the following Frog video will help: 

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