You'll be glad to hear that theft of children's bikes is fairly low in the UK.

Why is this?

Well, bikes usually only get stolen when left locked up insecurely in isolated places. Children don't usually do this with their bikes, which means that they're not as vulnerable as, for example, an adult who might lock their bike up quickly (and insecurely) in an alleyway while they nip into a cafe for a coffee.

What if the bike does get stolen?

  1. First, report this to the police and obtain a Crime Reference Number. 
  2. We will then claim the RRP of the bike from you, minus any payments that have already been made towards the bike.
  3. If you wish, we can then provide you with a replacement bike.

Do you offer insurance options?

No, we don't offer insurance options (not yet at least). But if the loss is a result of burglary, you will likely be able to make a claim against your home insurance. You would have to arrange this yourself with your insurer.

Best practice for avoiding a stolen bike (as taken from

  • Get a good bike lock
  • Lock your bike to something secure (even if only for a few minutes)
  • Avoid parking your bike in isolated areas - leave your bike where a potential thief will be seen
  • Lock up removable parts (e.g. wheels) and take additional fittings with you (lights, bags etc.)
  • Take a clear colour photograph of your bike, and make a written record of its description, including any unique features, so that if it's stolen you can help the police find it
  • At home, keep your bike in a secure garage, shed or building and keep the door locked.
  • Have your bike's frame security-marked or engraved

Register your bike

For members of The Bike Club who are worried about their bike being stolen, we recommend registering with bike register. We can also arrange to get the bike stamped (£12.99), marked (£19.99) or covertly etched (£29.99). Although it is worth noting that this only somewhat deters thieves, and that other precautions should still be taken to keep the bike secure.

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