New bikes

New bikes are based on Frogs stock levels. Unfortunately if Frog are out of stock of new bikes, then so are we. 

We sometimes offer pre-order dates based on Frogs pre-order dates but this can be unreliable on their part, and so in order to minimise disappointment amongst our members, we do quote "at the earliest".


On reBike (used bikes), it’s always difficult to tell when we can expect stock in. We can sometimes predict, but again, we don't like to presume and hence disappoint. 

When to return to the site to check for new stock


This is updated on a regular basis, and so worth checking from time to time (Tuesday Evenings and Friday Afternoons). We're not able to tell when Frog will add stock, so therefore unable to commit ourselves!


Our mechanics work on our reBikes at least once a week and we update our website as soon as we receive a stock update (Monday and Thursday Evenings). If there’s a particular bike you have your eye on we recommend checking our site regularly or contact the team at

Unfortunately we’re unable to reserve stock, purely as there’s such a demand for them!

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